Sample Paper of Aptitute Test


This test is managed by Academic department. This test includes 50 marks which are divided into four papers. Three papers include 12 and one includes 14 questions. Each question has one mark. For passing, student has to take 25 marks. Negative marking is not allowed. Use of calculator and mobile phone is prohibited within the test. Time is given only 60 min.

Paper I


Total Marks: 12

Q.1: Write a paragraph on anyone. (i) My Favourite game ______________________________________________________________________________
Q.2: Use these words in sentences.
(i) Technology: _______________________________________________
(ii) To get into: ______________________________________________
Q.3: Fill with Articles. (a, an, the)
(a) I eat __________apples.
(b) _______ sun rises in ______ east.
Q.4: Circle the correct answer.
(a) He (play / plays) yesterday.
(b) (Don’t / doesn’t) come here.

Paper II


Total Marks: 12

Note: Circle the correct answer.
For English Medium.
1. Electron carries ________ charge. (i) +ve (ii) -ve (iii) neutral (iv) none of them
2. Magnet has ________ poles. (i) 2 (ii) 3 (iii) 4 (iv) none of them

Paper III


Total Marks: 14

Note: Circle the correct answer.
Use of calculator is prohibited.
Q.1: A= {a,b,c},B= {b,c,d}. Therefore
AUB = ______________________ A∩B = __________________________

Q.2: (a) Convert 128 into binary. (i) 100000012 (ii) 000000012 (iii) 100001002 (iv) 100000002
(b) 235 x 145 (i) 4325 (ii) 3125 (iii) 3925 (iv) 4225

Q.3: (a) Ali has gotten bonus Rs.6000, he divided into 3 partners A,B,C with Ratio 1:2:3 Respectively. Amount of A,B,C are:
(i) 2000,1000,4000 (ii) 3000,1000,4000 (iii) 1000,2000,3000
(b) Value of Mean are 4 & 5, than value of extreme are x & 10, value of x is
(i) 1 (ii) 2 (iii) 3 (iv) 4

Paper IV

Note: Cirle the correct answer.