English Language Classes were started by “Sir Ahmar Hamid Khan”. He is very famous and experienced teacher of Karachi. He has been teacher since 1992. English language classes were started by him in KNOWLEDGE INN. He has been the instructor of English Language for many institutes and organizations. He holds command over teaching of English as a foreign and second language. He has done Masters in ‘’Teaching of English as a Foreign language” / Linguistics). Besides, He has also accomplished his research work for phonology. Now a day his students are teaching at various places.

English is very important for us. Because it is an international language, it is used in every field. All machines are operated in English language. There are two types of language one is British, another is American. Centre teaches both together and also defines difference between both languages.

In KNOWLEDGE INN English language included five courses: Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate and advance course. These are divided into 2 levels for elementary course, 3 levels for Pre-Intermediate, 4 levels for Intermediate & 5 levels for Advance course. Two classes are taken of two hours per day, one is grammar class and another is spoken class. English language course is completed in 8 months. It is divided as: two months for each 1st and 2nd level, one month for 1st level, two months for 4th and one month for 5th level.