The head of Computer Department is “Sir Tahir Ali”. He is important member in the foundation of KNOWLEDGE INN. He is very famous and experienced teacher of Karachi. He has been teacher since 2000. Computer classes were started by him in KNOWLEDGE INN. He was also elected as administrator of centre. He taught at many places. Now a day his students are doing job in various offices, companies.

Sir Tahir Ali worked on Computer a lot. He did Diploma of Associate Engineer (3 years). He has command over both Software and Hardware. He achieved prestige in networking field. He has done CCNA. He is certified by Microsoft.

Computer is very important for us. It is being used in every field. All work is done on this machine. Its advantage is that it works faster than human; it does a huge calculation in very short time. It has various softwares. Lot of Softwares and Hardware and other tools are learned in KNOWLEDGE INN whose are listed in last.