The head of Academic department is “Sir Muhammad Shahrukh” (H.O.C). This is the very important department of centre. There are four faculties: Science, Computer Science, Commerce and Arts. In Academic department: Nursery to Secondary, Matric, Intermediate & Graduation classes are conducted. It is the first centre in Orangi where proffesional course BCS & BS classes are also taught. Academic department takes two examinations in a year. Each subject has different teacher. Each class has different badges, each badges has maximum 20 students. This department conducts following properties:

  • All admissions are taken on aptitude test result.
  • Monthly test is taken.
  • This department also cares environment.
  • Class of English grammar is free for secondary students.
  • Preparation of Aptitude test is done.
  • Computer practical classes are free for computer science students.
  • Practical class is taken.
  • Notes of each subject are given to student.