The Director and Principal of KNOWLEDGE INN CENTRE, Chairman of Rashid Hussain’s Organization, Software Engineer, developer and programmer “Sir Muhammad Shahrukh” and he is the founder of KNOWLEDGE INN CENTRE. He is doing MS in Software Project Management. He has done BSCS from Karachi University. He was born on 11th January, 1988 at Karachi. He is certified from Microsoft. He is Microsoft Specialist in SQL Server 2012 and Server Virtualization. He got early education from EAB Govt. Secondary School Karachi and also did Matric from here. He did F.S.C from PECHS Education Foundation Govt. Boys Degree Science College Karachi. He has knowledge on different subjects, computer courses and computer languages. He has done English Language Course from Sir Shams’ Anglophile. He achieved training in MCTS from APTECH. He got 1st position in speed programming competition in IT –Promo 2011 in Karachi University. He attended the symposium on Professionalism and Rising the Value in Pakistan Software Training Development and Debugging Excellence in PSTD. He also attended Symposium on Neuro Linguistics Programming and Visionary Counseling in NED University. He also attended the symposium on Cyber Revolution in IT Department. He worked as a head of ambassador in Probrain-2012 in Karachi University (Probrain is all Pakistan IT Competition). He initiated the idea of All Orangi Talent Educational Event “Click to Success” and worked as a President in this event. He made the organization which is called “Rashid Hussain’s Organization”, it works for welfare and poor families. He trained for many peoples for teaching and software engineer.

He is software Engineer. He works as software Engineer in software house. He has a command on C, C#, SQL and Oracle. He also worked on C++, Java, Java Script, ASP.Net. He prepared various software projects like Payroll System, Scheduling Algorithm, Transposition cipher, Simulator, School management system, air combat game, compiler, OSPF, Accounting Cycle etc. He also designed software for Knowledge Inn. Knowledge Inn Website is also designed by him. He has also made Online Test System for Karachi University. He has also written an English book on grammar. He worked on automata theory, Compiler Construction, statistics, etc. He also conducts symposium and workshops on different topics.

Sir Muhammad Shahrukh teaches three major subjects English, CS, and Mathematics not only teaches rather also he likes a lot. He also teaches computer languages like C, C++, C#, SQL, Oracle, etc. He got bruit very much for teaching. He is the most senior and experienced teacher of the centre. He started teaching in 2002 after completing Matric. Firstly he used to teach tuition but after some days after establishing STN COMPUTER CENTRE, he became head of centre. He started academic session in STN COMPUTER CENTRE and became a 1st academic teacher of this centre. He worked very hard day and night in black and white for centre and very soon he has prospered to establish a successful centre with the name of “KNOWLEDGE INN COMPUTER LANGUAGE AND COACHING CENTRE”. He announced to change name of centre and renamed “KNOWLGEDGE INN” from “STN”. He became a first teacher in KNOWLEDGE INN CENTRE. He usually taught statistics, business mathematics, data structure, computing method , Automata, Compiler Construction, Statistics, Operating System, Artificial Intelligence, Object Oriented, Networking , Data Communication, Computer Languages and Database etc computer courses and also some other graduation subjects.

Sir Muhammad Shahrukh takes care of each and everything of students and teachers. All teachers respect him and act upon his instructions and must follow his rules. Now days his students are teaching in various places.

“We believe the success by hard working”.

“We have to build model and famous centre of Karachi”.

“Come to bring aim and to think hard working, we change their life by our guidance and consultation”